Consume or Create?

Episode Summary

How does one balance consumption and creation? Do we even need to balance them?

Show Notes

We live in a time where consuming things is easier than it has ever been before. Buying books on your Kindle is a simple tap away, open your podcast app and you'll be greeted with a wide variety of shows to listen to. On-demand streaming services have given everyone access to thousands of movies from all around the world. Consumption can easily take over all of your free time if you let it go unchecked.

The flip-side to consumption is the time for creation. Creation can involve anything and everything, it doesn't have to be artistic in nature. Creation can be about generating any kind of value for your friends, family, co-workers or heck even yourself. Generating value, being useful to people around you, making things are all known to be healthy contributors to a person's overall happiness.

Consumption and Creation seem like two separate, but interlinked concepts. It is hard to create anything without first consuming things to learn or get inspired. But, as soon as you start consuming too much, the time you put into creation reduces.

How does one balance these two? Do we even need to balance them? Find out what Parth and Ratik think about the Consumption and Creation, how they've historically tried to balance the two, and what they've learned along the way in this week's Frndship Time!

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