Meet Ratik

Codes, plays piano, loves mechanical keyboards

Ratik has always been someone who loves technology. His love for tech has materialised into various things over the years. As a kid, it was all about playing Pokémon Crater and Club Penguin after school. As a teen, he was busy learning how web development worked so he could run a tech blog with his friends. These days, he spends his time building Android apps at Fueled! Ratik is a maker at heart. When not working, you can be sure to find him making side projects, creating music covers or producing his podcast!⁣

Meet Parth

Designs chips, plays guitar, loves coffee

Parth is a hardware engineer working in San Fransisco. He has a deep interest in computer architecture and ASIC design, among other topics throughout the computer engineering stack. On top of that, he also writes, makes music, and YouTube videos.

Most of all, he loves producing Frndship Time.

Together, they make ✨ Frndship Time ✨

A laid-back, (hopefully) funny, and oftentimes inquisitive, Friendship Time is a weekly opportunity for Parth and Ratik to hang out with each other and explore new ideas. Each week, the boys talk to each other about their experiences and lessons they learn as they navigate this thing called life.

New episodes every Friday!