S2 E26: How to start a podcast

Parth and Ratik answer a long overdue listener question: How to start a podcast?

S2 E25: Is Life Short?

Is it?

S2 E24: Age is a fake concept

Its Ratik's birthday month and he is feeling all the feels.

S2 E23: An Extended Mid-year Catch-up

2022 is almost at its mid-point. The boys sit down to do an extended catch up.

S2 E22: Vacations!

Parth and Ratik talk about why they feel the need for vacations, and how they help them get back into day-to-day life in full flow.

S2 E21: Would you rather...?

This week, the boys make difficult choices. Coke or coffee? Nintendo Switch or PS5?

S2 E20: "Interesting": The Nothing Word

The word "interesting" is a non-word. It means nothing.

S2 E19: Summertime!

What time is it? Summertime!

S2 E18: The Secret to Hosting GREAT Dinner Parties

Ratik and Parth talk about Jeffersonian Dinners and how they can be made relevant to 21st century dinner parties.

S2 E17: How Ratik became an Android App Developer

Ratik shares his story about how he become an Android App Developer.

S2 E16: "Can we pls be frnds? 🥺" ft. Brownie Bites Show

Parth and Ratik host another set of best friends Vishakha and Rajvi to talk about them and their podcast.

S2 E15: You are not special... yet

Parth and Ratik discuss on of Parth's favourite WaitButWhy blog posts.

S2 E14: What do you do when...? #2

Our in-house 'What do you do when...?' game is back for season 2!

S2 E13: Parth and Ratik go on a First Date

Parth takes Ratik on a first date. They get to know each other from the ground up, talk about their childhoods, friends, and try out pre-prepped pick-up lines on each other.

S2 E12: Fast software is the best software

Is speed the defining factor behind making or breaking a piece of software for power users? 🤔

S2 E11: Why do we make Frndship Time?

The boys answer one simple question — why do they make Frndship Time?

S2 E10: Boys and their Toys

Ratik and Parth talk about that one thing they are completely and totally nerding out about these days.

S2 E9: The Frndship Time Guide to Rituals

Parth and Ratik talk about the rituals they have set up in their lives.

S2 E8: Possible by default

Ratik talks to Parth about a fresh mindset of looking at ideas and problems: the "possible by default" mindset.

S2 E7: College Advice Tier List ft. Jivansh

Parth, Ratik, and Ratik's younger brother Jivansh create a tier list for popular college advice they found on Buzzfeed.

S2 E6: We literally just chill for 40 minutes

The boys take a break from high effort episodes and record a super laid-back session where they talk about gaming consoles, how they have been relaxing recently, and a bunch of other tangents.

S2 E5: Conversational Shortcuts

Ratik and Parth talk about they approach starting conversation with people they know and people they don't know.

S2 E4: What makes a podcast "good"?

Parth and Ratik talk about their favorite podcasts and what makes them great.

S2 E3: Some Lessons on Happiness

Ratik talks to Parth about one of his takes on Happiness.

S2 E2: What energizes/drains you?

Parth and Ratik talk about activities that energized or drained them throughout their week.

S2 E1: A cozy new year catch up

Parth and Ratik catch-up after a long break away from the show.

S1 E42: FT In Review — Things We’ve Learnt, Our Favorite Moments & Plans for the future

Finale day! The boys close out the inaugural season of Frndship Time by reflecting over the year gone by.

S1 E41: The #AskFT Afterparty: we have questions for each other!

It's (after) party time!

S1 E41: QnA! #AskFT

The first ever Frndship Time Q&A episode!

S1 E40: Technology and Delight

Well-made, well thought out (tech) products are just so delightful!

S1 E39: How do you get out of a rut?

We've all been in a rut. What causes ruts? How do we get out of them?

S1 E38: What do we actually do at work?

Parth and Ratik tell each other what they actually do at their respective workplaces

S1 E37: Our plans for the rest of 2021

The year is slowly coming to a close and the boys are thinking about everything they want to do before 2022 rolls around

S1 E36: Parth quit social media. It was fine.

Ratik picks Parth's brain about his experience of being off social media for the last year.

S1 E35: Parth introduces Ratik to Formula 1

Part 1 of 'Parth and Ratik introduce each other to their individual interests series'!

S1 E35: Ratik introduces Parth to Mechanical Keyboards

Part 2 of 'Parth and Ratik introduce each other to their individual interests series'!

S1 E34: Are you present-focused or future-focused?

Ratik talks to Parth about one of his favourite mental models to use in life

S1 E33: Lessons from Mentoring

Back to basics! Parth and Ratik discuss lessons they've learnt from recent experiences with mentoring people.

S1 E32: Contextual Recommendations

Recommendations with an added twist!

S1 E31: thInGs to dO iN yOuR 20s

The boys along with Vishakha go through an online 'Things to do in your 20s' list and critique each piece of advice.

S1 E30: What? Frndship is evolving!

It's friendship day and the boys are talking about how friendship as a concept has evolved for them as they've grown older.

S1 E29: A conversation about Conversations

A surprisingly fun conversation about Conversations.

S1 E28: What's your ideal work day?

Parth and Ratik try to figure out the ingredients that make up a perfect work day for them.

S1 E27: Birthday Time! Ratik turns 25

The gang gets together to make sure Ratik has a good birthday episode to come back to

S1 E26: What’s something you were skeptical of once but have completely changed your mind on?

Strong opinions, loosely held?

S1 E25: Nostalgia and missing your friends

This week on Frndship Time, the boys are missing their friends.

S1 E24: For The Love Of Podcasts ft. Noel Woodward

Friends Parth, Ratik and Noel talk about podcasts.

S1 E24: Show Your Work! ft. Noel Woodward

So much more friendship this week than usual. A special guest on the show this week — Noel Woodward!

S1 E23: State of The Apps: what apps do we use?

What apps do we use? Why? Why not the alternatives? What do we pay for?

S1 E22: Story Time #2 — On Feeling Like Yourself

The boys catch-up after a short break from recording. They share what they've been up to with each other and how life is going.

S1 E21: How have we changed since college? (part 2)

Having completed a year of 'real life' after graduation, Parth speaks with Ratik and they talk about how they've changed since college.

S1 E21: How have we changed since college? (part 1)

Having completed a year of 'real life' after graduation, Parth speaks with Ratik and they talk about how they've changed since college.

S1 E20: (Re) Discovering the Frndship Time website

The boys carry out a brainstorming session to come up with the next iteration of the Frndship Time website.

S1 E19: Individual Projects vs Team Projects

Parth and Ratik talk about working in a team, what they've learnt about collaboration, and much more!

S1 E18: A love letter to coffee

Parth and Ratik write a love letter to coffee. Headphones recommended for this one!

S1 E17: What do you do when...?

The first edition of the in-house 'What do you do when...?' game!

S1 E16: Constraints are amazing!

Parth and Ratik talk about about constraints and how they bring forth creativity.

S1 E16: Sometimes buying new gear is just - ̗̀nice ̖́

Parth and Ratik talk about their relationship with buying and investing in new gear.

S1 E15: The Hows and Whys of Being Self Taught

Parth and Ratik talk about their journeys being self taught in music, engineering, and other hobbies.

S1 E14: Ratik wants to be a YouTuber

Ratik has been feeling the itch to give YouTube a go again. Parth has a lot of thoughts.

S1 E13: Sports and other shared interests: what unites us and what divides us?

Parth, Ratik, and their first non-K9 guest, Aananya talk about their love for football, the feeling of belonging in a group of strangers, loving things and how to love them.

S1 E12: The Transformative Power of Good People

Parth and Ratik talk about the strange power that Good People™️ have that transforms folks around them.

S1 E11: Committing to your hobbies long-term

The boys talk about committing to hobbies and skills long-term, why it might be a good idea to commit long-term, and how to get over the 'I feel like I've plateau-ed' problem.

S1 E11: Committing to your workplace long-term

Parth and Ratik talk about staying in a particular job for a 'longer than usual' period, hating conventional wisdom, and the importance of trusting your instincts.

S1 E10: Frictionlessness ❤️

On this exxxtra special Valentine’s Day special, Ratik picks Parth’s brain, and Parth nibbles Ratik's ears about the idea of reducing friction in our daily processes.

S1 E9: The self-help epidemic

Is self-help a problem? At what point do you stop consuming self-help content and start doing things? All this and more in this week's episode of Frndship Time.

S1 E8: Story Time #1

This week the boys change up the pace of the show and experiment with a new format. Listen to know why!

S1 E7: What is your ideal weekend?

Parth and Ratik go back and forth trying to determine the elements of a perfect 'relaxing' weekend.

S1 E6: The Power of Accountability

Parth and Ratik talk about the strange power of accountability and how accountability groups help accelerate growth and development.

S1 E5: Quitting quitting

Parth brings in his thoughts about quitting — do you find yourself quitting on side projects or resolutions? This might be the episode you've been waiting for.

S1 E4: Consume or Create?

How does one balance consumption and creation? Do we even need to balance them?

S1 E3: How to keep in touch better

Parth brings in his approach to how he has been keeping in touch with people over the pandemic. Ratik jumps in with his thoughts and stories.

S1 E2: Increasing the impact of your value

Parth and Ratik explore a blog post written by a well-known software engineer Kent C. Dodds about the secret behind his productivity.

S1 E1: Parth's new mindset for a new phase of life

Parth shared a new mindset he's been using to set his priorities as he graduates and starts his first job