"Can we pls be frnds? 🥺" ft. Brownie Bites Show

Episode Summary

Parth and Ratik host another set of best friends Vishakha and Rajvi to talk about them and their podcast.

Show Notes

Last year's guest (from #31) Vishakha is back on the show this week and this time she's brought along her friend Rajvi. Rajvi and Vishakha are two best friends that also make a podcast together. It's called the Brownie Bites Show (BBS). Sound familiar?

This week on Frndship Time, we put a spotlight on Rajvi, Vishakha, their frndship, and the Brownie Bites Show. How did they meet? What even is the Brownie Bites Show?! What do they love and hate about podcasting? Listen in to find out all the answers. We hope you enjoy!

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